Private Lessons

This course is designed for those who cannot commit to a regularly scheduled course because of frequent traveling, or for those with special learning requirements. We will personalize your course based on your learning objectives and placement test result to ensure a right start.

By taking our private tuition you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Flexibility in class scheduling and learning venues

  • Learn at Your Own Pace with learning results be maximized

  • Customised Course Materials to meet your personal and professional needs

  • Receive undivided attention from the teacher to maximize learning results

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Elementary Mandarin:

Target: This course is designed for those who have never learned or have just begun learning basic Chinese that is not their mother tongue.

Learning objectives

  • get familiarized with the fundamental pronunciation in Putonghua including the initials, finals, the four basic tones as well as the rules of pinyin.
  • compose basic sentences & express oneself in simple Mandarin
  • participate in short conversations in daily activities and business environment
  • have a basic understanding of the vocabulary used in the discharge of your daily responsibilities
  • get to know some simple Chinese characters, and basic Chinese culture

Intermediate Mandarin

Target: This program is designed for those who has a solid base of Mandarin knowledge or those who can speak Cantonese but with limited ability in Chinese reading but would like to advance their level through more practice and learning to facilitate their communication with Mandarin-speaking people in their daily activities and discharging their daily duties.

Learning objectives

  • further improve their pronunciation skill by reviewing phonetic symbols and differentiating the four tones
  • review basic sentence structures and the appropriateness in application
  • enlarge vocabularies and learn more sentence structures
  • enhance fluency in conversation with native Mandarin speakers on a fair range of topics in daily social activities
  • participate in short conversations in business environment and daily activities

Advanced Mandarin

Target: The course is designed for those who possess intermediate level of Mandarin but want to further improve their communication skills to an advanced level especially in the areas that are closely related to their business and profession. Comprehensive approach is conducted to improve listening, oral, reading and writing skills.

Learning objectives

  • extend fluency further with idiomatic expressions, topic-specific vocabulary, complex sentence structures and language patterns
  • learn sophisticated Mandarin vocabulary, expressions and the appropriateness in application
  • communicate effectively in depth on a wide range of social and business topics
  • express opinions and carry out discussions relative to professional business situations

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