SAT Chinese


The SAT(Scholastic Assessment Test) is set up for getting the admission or scholarship to colleges in the United States.

Here our experienced and professional teachers help the students with their IGCSE Chinese study and test taken preparation to achieve higher scores.

  • Courses are student-focused and meet each student’s abilities and needs

  • Regular assessment and communication with parents to follow up on student’s progress

  • Provide students with mock exam papers for practice followed by comments and feedback.

  • Lessons can be conduced in both simplified and traditional Chinese

  • Private tutorials are also available at student’s homes or our school

一、語法測驗 30題 (26-30 Bonus)

(  )  1. 哇!好大的__ 松樹林啊!a. 一朵 b. 一棵 c. 一片 d. 一個

(  )  2. 你說了半天,到底在說些__呢? a. 多麼 b. 這麼 c. 怎麼 d. 什麼

二、閱讀測驗 30題 (26-30 Bonus)

1. 好久不見,你最近發福不少。

a. have good luck    b. have some fortune      c. gain weight    d. lose some fortune

2. 他喜歡給人戴高帽子,難怪大家都喜歡他。

a. to flatter somebody      b. to wear a tall hat      c. to bribe somebody      d. to comfort somebody

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