Private Lessons

It is designed for those who cannot commit to a regularly scheduled course because of frequent traveling, or for those with special learning requirements.

By taking our private tuition you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Flexibility in class scheduling and learning venues

  • Learn at your own pace with learning results be maximized

  • Customized Course Materials to meet your personal and professional needs

  • Receive undivided attention from the teacher to maximize learning results

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Course Features:

  • It is designed for adults who live in Hong Kong and want to learn useful daily expressions and practical language that can be put to use right away.

  • Our proven methodology enables adult learners to quickly begin to understand and speak Cantonese for use in a wide variety of reallife situations.

  • Our native Cantonese teachers will patiently help you with the Romanized pronunciation followed by various situational conversations. In addition to that, your class will be enriched with local culture introduction from time to time which will enhance your interest in learning.

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