Business Mandarin

Business Chinese course is designed specifically for professionals who have a solid base of Mandarin knowledge and who intend to use Chinese in business settings or who want a business focused curriculum.

  • Courses and lessons are available in small groups to benefit from the interaction with fellow classmates or in private classes to enjoy the undivided attention of our teachers and also learn at the student’s own pace.

  • Upon request, we organize and lead corporate programs tailored to an organization's objectives and industry where we develop a company specific curriculum & manage all of the staff language training

  • The courses and lessons are designed for professionals from all industries who need Chinese at work and business. For further details please find below the specific course that you are interested in.

Meetings, Negotiations and Presentations

Target audience:

  • Professionals who need to present ideas convincingly in formal oral presentation

  • Business people who need to use Mandarin in international meetings and negotiations and wish to do so more effectively and persuasively


  • persuasive communication: style, tone, image and impact

  • effective organizing: content and presentation

  • effective presentation skills

  • developing language skills through practice Meetings and Negotiations

  • extensive role-plays and frequent group and individual feedback

Financial Mandarin

Target audience

  • Professionals who need financial Mandarin terminology and principles at their work


  • Financial terms

  • Stocks, shares & their markets

  • Financial Analysis Reports

  • Presentation skills

  • Negotiations

  • Meeting skills

  • Financial correspondence – emails & analyst reports

  • Social Mandarin

Legal Mandarin

Target audience

  • Working professionals who need Legal Mandarin terminology and principles at their work to discuss legal matters with clients, colleagues and business partners

  • law students who wish to extend their Legal Mandarin communication skills to the next level


  • Business Formation, company liability & IPO

  • Sales & Purchase Law – Preambles, agreements & contracts

  • Employment law and contracts

  • Insolvency & Risk management – Legal risk & creditors rights

  • Intellectual Property Law (IP) – Trademarks, patents & copyright

  • Communicating in Plain Mandarin

  • Being concise and clear

Mandarin Correspondence (emails and letters)

Target audience

  • Anyone who writes emails or letters as part of their work


  • write to suit your purpose

  • apply plain Mandarin principles

  • use appropriate language, content, tone, and structure

  • modern business-writing practice and formatting

  • email writing do’s and don’ts.

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