Terms of Services

1. All students are requested to make full payment of tuition rates before the class starts.

2. All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. NO REFUNDS will be offered in any case of non-attendance.

3. All lessons must be finished within appointed time.

4. Classes will be cancelled or postponed once Typhoon Signal No.8 or Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted two hours before classes are due to start. Neither make-up lessons, nor refund will be provided as suspension is enforced by the government. All classes will be resumed within 2 hours if the warning signals are lowered.

5. If one of students in small group class is absent from a lesson for any reasons, neither make-up lesson, nor a refund of the lesson will be available for him/her.

6. The students with the same language level will be arranged in the same class after assessment by our teacher, the other students in the same class should not have any objection.

7. Neither make-up lessons, nor refunds will be available for student who is absent from lessons of group class.

8. Sick leave: If a student can't attend the class because of illness, he/she has to give the notification at least half day before the class starts and provide the day's doctor's certificate for sick leave, if less than 5 hours notification, the lesson will be charged.

9. If a student can't attend the class because of leave of absence for personal reasons, he/she has to give the notification not less than 24 hours before the class starts, if less than 24 hours notification, the lesson will be charged at the student’s account.

10. Teacher's leave of absence: for private tutoring, the student can choose to postpone the lessons by waiting for the teacher’s back from teacher or a substitute teacher to provide lessons during that period.

11. Teacher's leave of absence: Normally, for private tutoring, a substitute teacher won't be arranged when a teacher is on sick leave, annual leave or casual leave, unless the student would like to wait for the current teacher’s coming back.

12. Practical Mandarin Learning Centre reserves all rights to modify above terms without any notice periodically.

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