Group Classes

Joining our group class will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Small group with 3-4 students

  • Regular time schedule and location

  • Active participation with students of the same level

  • Benefit from the interaction with fellow classmates

Class Schedule:

ClassesLessons per weekTime slotsLessonsClass sizeDurationSchedule & Tuition
Evening class A1 lesson per week7pm-9pm16 lessons/32 hours3-4 people4 monthsUpcoming class & fee
Evening class B2 lessons per week7pm-9pm16 lessons/32 hours3-4 people2 monthsUpcoming class & fee
Morning class2 lessons per week10am-12nn16 lessons/32 hours3-4 people2 monthsUpcoming class & fee
Saturday class1 lesson per week10am-12nn16 lessons/32 hours3-4 people4 monthsUpcoming class & fee

Course Features:

  • This course is designed for students who are currently working and living in Hong Kong and want to learn useful daily expressions and practical language that can be put to use right away.

  • Our proven methodology enables learners to quickly understand and speak Cantonese for use in a wide variety of real-life situations.

  • Our native Cantonese teachers will patiently help you with the Romanized pronunciation followed by various situational conversations. In addition to that, your class will be enriched with local culture introduction from time to time which will enhance your interest in learning.

Learning Objectives:

  • become familiar with Cantonese pronunciation and its pinyin rules

  • identify the basic sentence patterns and expressions in Cantonese 

  • communicate with Cantonese people in daily social activities

  • participate in short conversations in the business environment

  • understand simple Chinese characters and Chinese culture

Course Content:


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  • 香港人普通話
  • 企業培訓課程

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