Course Features

Course Target:

This service is designed for learners of Chinese who are limited to take face-to-face classes and to learn Chinese remotely.

Course Features:

- Learn the language without physically traveling to a class

- Take lessons in your own time from the comfort of your home or office

- Classes are conducted over Zoom, Skype or Google meeting

- Enjoy your lessons anytime, anywhere with our teachers located in Hong Kong

- Lessons are taught using the same methods we use at our school in Hong Kong

- Can be switched to in-person classes especially after the Covid spike has subsided

- Learning at ease and saving more class time

Courses include 课程包括有:

Mandarin Courses

- Group Classes

- Private Lessons

- Intensive Course

- Business Mandarin

- Asset Management

- HSK Test Preparation

- Chinese Writing

- 日本人のための中國語

- Kids & Teenager

- IB Chinese

Cantonese courses

- Private lessons

- Group classes


- 單對單授課

- 普通話小組課

- 普通話求職面試

- 普通話演講和技巧

- 財經金融普通話

- 國家語委普通話

- 中小學生普通話



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  • 香港人普通話
  • 企業培訓課程

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