Kids & Teenagers

  • Are you looking for Chinese programs for your kids to improve their Chinese language skills?

  • Or maybe your kids are studying in an international school and want some help with their Chinese classes.

  • Or maybe you just want your children to learn some basic Chinese and improve their Chinese language skills.

Here we offer after-school Chinese tutoring programs to cultivate children’s interest in learning Chinese and help them review what they have learned in school so that they can speak Chinese more confidently and more fluently.

Course Features:

  • Courses are student-focused and cater to individual learner’s abilities and needs.

  • Private tutorials are available at student’s homes or our school

  • Regular communication with parents to follow up on student’s progress

  • Improve kids’ Chinese language skills in speaking, listening, reading & writing.

Learning Objectives:

  • To cultivate a positive attitude towards language learning and to equip your children with lifelong skills

  • To encourage kids to achieve their academic potential so that they can become self-motivated and keen to study.

  • To help kids improve their grades, raise their test scores, learn productive study skills, build their academic self-confidence, and reach their full potential.

Teaching methods:

  • Using specifically designed books and materials, fun-filled activities, rhymes, songs, stories, puppets, pretend-play toys, language development games, audio visual aids and multimedia tools to engage your child and promote interaction and communication.

  • By developing powerful concentration and using the best study techniques available to enable the kids learn more in less time.

  • Providing children with a hands-on approach to language learning that brings the language to life, and encourages both communication and interaction.

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